Street Tango - Carel Kraayenhof (Accordion)

Street Tango - Carel Kraayenhof (Accordion)
Jazz/Instrumental | 1 CD | FLAC, none LOG, none CUE | 309 MB - MP3 | 320 Kbs | 107 MB
Publisher: Decca | 2003 | RapidShare

The imaginary walks Piazzolla makes through the streets of these two metropoles tell the story of the immigrant who, inwardly torn, has learned to survive in two worlds: one in which he tries to find a new home, and one that only lives in his memory and wistfulness. Piazzolla was a great admirer of composer Leonard Bernstein. No wonder, then, that he was present at the premiere of the musical 'West Side Story' in New York. Inspired by the meeting of these two composers, Kraayenhof decided to adapt several pieces from the musical for Sexteto Canyengue by translating them into their specific tango idiom, among them were 'Prologue', 'Maria','A Boy Like That', 'The Rumble'. Led by bandoneón maestro Carel Kraayenhof, the Dutch based sextet, present an engaging repertoire of new arrangements of well-known tango classics, and some fine new compositions.


01. Ausencias
02. Street Tango
03. Prologue
04. Desconcierto
05. Tres Minutos con la Realidad
06. Resurreccion del Angel
07. Rumble
08. Ave Maria
09. Mambo
10. Knife Fight
11. Maria
12. Boy Like That- I Have a Love, A
13. One Hand, One Heart
14. Libertango
15. Alma de Bandoneon


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La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini: Complete Soundtrack from the film of Robert Dornhelm

laboheme.jpg (300×300)
La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini: Complete Soundtrack from the film of Robert Dornhelm
Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon

Opera/Classical | 2 CDs | FLAC, none LOG, none CUE | 237+220 MB - MP3 | 320 Kbs
Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon | 2008 | RapidShare

This recording is the original soundtrack to one of the first opera movies created especially for a theatrical screening. Puccini’s beloved opera, La Bohème demands emotion, spontaneity, and intensity. All of these attributes and much more are conveyed in this classical masterpiece!

La Bohème: The Highlights of the complete recording is the perfect memento to the artful vision of this film by director Robert Dornhelm. The story is portrayed unlike ever before and includes sparkling performances by Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón, two great actors of the opera stage. Their unique voices and artistry come across suberbly on camera, leaving the viewer wanting more.

Download MP3: CD1 CD2


Act 1
01 "Questo Mar Rosso"
02 Pensier profondo"
03 "Legna!"
04 "Si pu?"
05 "Io resto"
06 "Chi è là?"
07 "Si sente meglio?"
08 "Che gelida manina"
09 "S?. Mi chiamano Mim?"
10 "Ehi! Rodolfo!"
11 "O soave fanciulla"
Act 2
12 "Arranci, datteri!"
13 Chi guardi?
14 "Viva Parpignol"
15 Ch'io beva del tossico!
16 "Quando m'en vo"
17 "Chi l'ha richiesto?...Caro! - Fuori il danaro!"

Act 3
01 "Ohè, là, le guardie!" - "Aprite!"
02 "Sa dirmi, scusi"
03 "Mimi!" - "Speravo di trovarvi qui"
04 "Marcello. Finalmente!"
05 "Mim? è una civetta"
06 "Mim? è tanto malata!"
07 "Donde lieta usc?"
08 "Dunque è propio finita!"
Act 4
09 "In un coupé?"
10 O Mim?, tu più non torni
11 Che ora sia?
12 "Gavotta"
13 "C'è Mim?..."
14 "Vecchia zimarra, senti"
15 "Sono andati"
16 "Che avvien?"
17 "Che ha detto il medico?"

Märsche (March music)

Märsche (March music)
Classical/Military Music | 4 CDs | FLAC, none LOG, none CUE | 339+326+343+309 MB - MP3 | 320 Kbs
Publisher: Membran Music | unknown year | RapidShare

A march, as a musical genre, is a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching to and most frequently performed by a military band. In mood, marches range from the moving death march in Wagner's Götterdämmerung to the brisk military marches of John Philip Sousa and the martial hymns of the late 19th century. Examples of the varied use of the march can be found in Beethoven's Eroica Symphony, in the marches militaires of Franz Schubert, in the marche funèbre in Chopin's Sonata in A sharp minor/B flat minor, and in the Dead March in Handel's Saul.

Download MP3: CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4


CD1: Preussens Glanz und Gloria
01. Preussens Gloria (Piefke – Müller) 3.19 Luftwaffen Musikkorps 1
02. Alte Kameraden (Teike – Ferstl) 4.40 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
03. Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch (Trad.) 2.25 Luftwaffen Musikkorps II
04. Alexander Marsch Leonhatdt – Ferstl) 2.01 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
05. Armee Marsch (Trad.) 2.24 Luftwaffen Musikkorps II
06. Gruss an Kiel (Spohr-Müller-Sprangers) 2.09 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
07. Der Torgauer (Ferstl) 3.55 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
08. Mein Schlesierland (Trad.arr. Sprangers) 2.10 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
09. Der Kesselsdorfer (Ferstl) 2.42 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
10. Parademarsch der 18 er Husaren (Sparngers) 2.38 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
11. Der Coburger (Ferstl) 3.39 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
12. Admiral Stosch (Latann – Müller – Sprangers) 2.03 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
13. Des Grossen Kurfürsten Reitermarsch (Moltker – Ferstl) 3.16 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
14. Fanfare und Marsch der Pappenheimer Reiter (Ferstl) 2.01 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
15. Königgrätzer Marsch (Piefke – Sprangers) 2.25 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
16. Finnländischer Reitermarsch (Ferstl) 3.25 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
17. Der Grosse Zapfenstreich (trad. arr. Müller) 9.
18. Luftwaffen Musikkorps I Spielzeit: Lizensiert von Bella Musica Edition
P: 2002 Bella Musica Edition C: 2002 TIM Cz

CD2: Die grossen Traditionsmärsche Im Gleichschritt
01. Radetzky Marsch (Strauss – Sprangers) 2.41 Luftwaffen Musikkorps 1
02. Marsch Großherzog von Baden (Trad.) 2.52 Militärkapelle Rudolf Rieger
03. Wiener Alexandermarsch (Ferstl) 1.43 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
04. Mussinan Marsch (Trad. arr. Müller) 3.06 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
05. Petersburger Marsch (Grawert) 2.36 Militärkapelle Rudolf Rieger
06. Unter dem Doppeladler (Wagner – Sprangers) 2.39 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
07. Schützen Defiliermarsch (Lippe – Ferstl) 2.36 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
08. Felsenfest für's Vaterland (Wagnes) 2.26 Julius Hermann und die Original Hoch und Deutschmeister
09. Frei weg (Latann – Müller – Sprangers) 2.06 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
10. 47er Regimentsmarsch (Wagner) 2.24 Julius Hermann und die Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister 11. Nibelungen Marsch (Ferstl) 3.36 Blasorchester Herbert Ferstl
12. Hoch Habsburg (Kral) 2.31 Julius Hermann und die Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister
13. Bayerischer Defiliermarsch (Scherzer-Müller-Sprangers) 1.53 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
14. Husarentreue (Ferstl) 2.57 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
15. Hohenfriedberger Marsch (Friedrch der Grosse – Sprangers) 1.21 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I
16. Vindobona (Komzak) 2.18 Julius Hermann und die Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister
17. Westerwald Marsch (Ferstl) 2.07 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
18. Steinmetz Marsch (Bratfisch) 2.59 Militärkapelle Rudolf Rieger
19. Grillenbanner (Lindemann) 2.37 Julius Hermann und die Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister
20. Wien bleibt Wien (Schrammel – Müller) 3.37 Luftwaffen Musikkorps I Gesamtzeit 51:15

CD3: Volkstümliche Märsche So klingt's bei uns
01 Jodlermarsch (Trad. arr. Ferstl) 2.42 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
02. Tiroler Holzhackerbuam (Wagner – Ferstl) 2.48 The Hungry Five
03. Wiener Schwalben (Schloegel – Ferstl) 2.55 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
04. Schützenmarsch (Trad. arr. Huber) 3.09 Franzl Obermeier und seine Blasmusik
05. Haselnuss Marsch (Trad.arr. Ferstl) 2.24
06. Der Rüdensteiner Marsch der bergischen Landsknechte (Batthaus) 3.36 Die Mielenforster Musikanten
07. Mühlbacher Holzmusikmarsch (Trad.arr. Ferstl) 2.24 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferst
08. Holzhacker Marsch (trad. arr. Huber) 2.55 Franzl Obermeier u.s. Blasmusik
09. Gamsgebirg Marsch (Ferstl) 1.33 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
10. Schweinemarsch (Trad. arr. Ferstl) 2.04 The Hungry Five
11. Ein Heller und ein Batzen (Ferstl) 2:02 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
12. Froh und Frei (Fihn) 2.34 Die Mielenforster Musikanten
13. Waidmannsheil (Reckling) 2.21 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
14. Alte Freunde Marsch (Fihn – Rabold) 2.31 Fred Rabold und seine original Albtäler Musikanten 15. Gaudiburschen (Ferstl) 2.38 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
16. Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch (Trad. arr Ferstl) 2.18 The Hungry Five
17. Das Jagen is a wahre Freud' (Trad. arr Ferstl) 2.20 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
18. Schönes Schwabenland (Maurer) 2.45 Die Mielenforster Musikanten
19. Jennerwein Marsch (Trad. arr Ferstl) 3:01 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
20. Wandern im Sonnenschein (Roeser – Bethmann) 2.19 Rundfunk Blasorchester Leipzig
21. Wanderfreunde (Ferstl) 2.38 Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl
22. Wem Gott will rechte Gunst erweisen (Trad. arr. Paletta) 2.39 Allacher Musikanten
Gesamtzeit 56.40 Lizensiert von Bella Musica Edition P: 2002 Bella Musica Edition C: 2002 TIM Cz

CD4: Die schönsten Märsche
01. Eurovisionsmarsch (Müller) 2:15 Jugendblasorchester Hannover
02. Hoch Heidecksburg (Nord – Bode) 3:47 Musikkorps Grenzschutzkommando
03. Brucker Lager (Meinecke) 2.09 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
04. Der Jäger aus Kurpfalz (Müller) 2:03 Musikkorps der Feuerwehr Hannover
05. Pariser Einzugsmarsch (Meinecke) 2:06 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
06. Einzug der Bürgergarde (Lamprecht) 2:14 Orchester der Volkswagen AG
07. Semper Fidelis (Bittner) 2:44 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
08. Fliegerfanfare (Meinecke) 3:07 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
09. Regimentsgruss (Kuckertz) 2:06 Heeresmusikkorps I
10. Fliegermarsch (Müller) 2:24 Blasorchester Langenhagen
11. Fredericus Rex – Grenadiermarsch (Kuckertz) 2:46 Heeresmusikkorps I
12. Steigermarsch (Bode) 1:32 Die Calenberger Marschmusik
13. Kerntruppenmarsch (Kuckertz) 2:27 Heeresmusikkorps I
14. Niedersachsenmarsch 1:44 Musikkorps der Feuerwehr Hannover
15. Frühlingseinzug (Meinecke) 2:12 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
16. Kärntner Lidermarsch (Meinecke) 2:41 Polizeimusikkorps Niedersachsen
17. Lüneburger Einzugsmarsch (Müller) 1:18 Blasorchester Langenhagen
18. Herzog von Braunschweig (Bode) 3:11 Musikkorps Grenzschutzkommando Nord
19. Hannoverscher Zapfenstreich (Müller) 4:06 Blasorchester Langenhagen
20. Präsentiermarsch Friedrich Wilhelm III. (Kuckertz) 1:10 Heeresmusikkorps I
21. Nationalhymne der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Kuckertz) 1:02 Heeresmusikkorps I Gesamtspielzeit: 49:07 Lizensiert von Leuenhagen & Paris P: 2001 Leuenhagen & Paris C: 2001 TIM


The Economist (September 26th - October 2nd 2009)

The Economist (September 26th - October 2nd 2009)
with A special report on telecoms in emerging markets

English | PDF | 177 Pages | 5 MB - MP3 Audio | 166 MB

The power of mobile money
Mobile phones have transformed lives in the poor world. Mobile money could have just as big an impact

Magazine: download
Audios: download
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Virtuoso - David Garrett

Virtuoso - David Garrett
New Age/Instrumental | 1 CD | FLAC, none LOG, none CUE | 232 MB - MP3 | 320 Kbs | 64 MB
Publisher: Decca | 2007 | RapidShare

Part maverick, part genius, total virtuoso, the 25-year-old Garrett has released the LP to reflect the various musical tastes that have come to inspire him, whether its through his own interpretations of popular classics such as Carmen and Paganini, or classic film themes, including Morricone’s La Califfa ot Bernstein’s Somewhere.

No matter what he’s playing, though, Garrett excels and the best thing that can be said about the album is that it’s fun and capable of a much wider appeal than just fans of classical music.

Take his brilliant interpretation of Carmen Fantaisie, with Paco Pena, that’s a firm album highlight; one that’s delivered with plenty of South American passion, as well as a vibrancy and enthusiasm that’s utterly addictive.

Likewise, the fun, frivolous Csardas – Gypsy Dance, which begins slow, only to set a lovely pace that’s evocative of Hungarian travellers dancing over camp-fires.

Duelling Banjos, meanwhile, is an absolute romp – a virtuoso game of musical one upmanship between a flamenco influenced acoustic guitar and Garrett’s own dazzling violin. Early on, it’s particularly playful and prone to delivering much delight, before going utterly nuts for the frenzied, almost moonshine middle section.

It’s moments like these that ensure the album catches you off guard and fall for its charms, no matter how sceptical you may have been in the first place.

But as energetic and lively as Virtuoso can be, there’s also moments of serene beauty, in which Garrett’s violin positively weeps. Album opener La Califfa, from Morricone, is both cinematic and breathtakingly beautiful, while his version of Pachelbel’s Canon is a virtual masterclass.

Paganini Rhapsody will, of course, be familiar to anyone who watches The South Bank Show – and delights for exactly that reason. While Somewhere is terrific for lazy, hazy Sunday afternoon listening and an exquisite interpretation of the West Side Story classic.

And let’s not forget Garrett’s thrilling delivery of The Flight of The Bumble Bee which is as brilliant in CD form as it’s said to be live.


01. La Califfa
02. Carmen Fantasie
03. Nothing Else Matters
04. Csardas - Gypsy Dance
05. Duelling Banjos
06. Pachelbel's Canon
07. Paganini Rhapsody
08. Somewhere (West Side Story)
09. The Flight of the Bumble Bee
10. Serenade
11. Toccata
12. You Raise Me Up
13. Eliza's Song


Ahma (Maria Kalaniemi)

Ahma (Maria Kalaniemi)
Jazz/Instrumental | 1 CD | FLAC, none LOG, none CUE | 311 MB - MP3 | 100 MB
Publisher: Intuition | RapidShare

The accordion has never sounded as good as it does beneath Maria's expert cuticles, helped on by all the top players from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department, which comprises the band Aldargaz. Sibelius? That's in Helsinki, Finland, mate.

The playing is inspired, and more akin to jazz than any World Music mask you make it wear. Instrumental on the whole, there are times when a da dada voice comes in to make itself a part of the orchestration, as in the jig-like 'Melos', king of the bar room set. Jovial, social, a real swing at the fences.

A far cry from the one that follows it, a moody 'Lovina' that seems to sweep the Finnish countryside, using the soft violin as a divining rod for locating old ghosts, while the accordion which brushes the main tune on in gentle dabs stays well out in front, never afraid, only yearning.

Ahma is said to combine Finnish folk, jazz improv and Argentinean tango into Maria's 3rd solo release, and the first cd for the great NorthSide label. Oh yes, the melodies are superb, almost multi-layered, needing more than one listen to hear everything going on behind the ears. 'Namas' itself takes traditional music further than the typical ballad, melting lush components together for a rich landscape of sounds that are of their own time. Not now. Not then. They are of a different definition of classical (music), a beauty to behold. Timo Alakotila's piano and Olli Varis' acoustic guitar are only several compartments into which your thinking mind will fall and try to fathom its way out.

They call her Queen of 5-Row Accordion. Maria's talent is obvious, but the mark of a Good queen is to surround herself with the best musicians the world has to offer. Already a good one, this would then have to make her Great.


01 Ahma
02 Ängskär
03 Huuma (Los Mareados)
04 Kaamos (Polar Night)
05 Melos
06 Lovina
07 Nibe
08 Bingjö
09 Kamppi
10 Namas
11 Nautilus
12 Arctic Paradise


The Economist (September 19th - September 25th 2009)

The Economist (September 19th - September 25th 2009)
English | PDF | 154 Pages | 5 MB - MP3 Audio | 134 MB

A protectionist move that is bad politics, bad economics, bad diplomacy and hurts America. Did we miss anything?

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Audios: download
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The Economist (September 12th - September 18th 2009)

The Economist (September 12th - September 18th 2009)
with A special report on Indonesia

English | MP3 Audio | 164 MB

Wall Street
Wall Street and the City of London survived thanks to state support. Now they need to be weaned off it

Magazine: download
Audios: download
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The Economist (September 5th - September 11st 2009)

The Economist (September 5th - September 11st 2009)
with Technology Quarterly

English | PDF | 5,5 MB - MP3 Audio | 181 MB

The vote that changed Japan
The electorate has thrown out not just a party but a whole system

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Audios: download
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