The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course

The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course: How To Challenge Yourself and Others To Greatness
Publisher: Nightingale-Conant; Abridged edition (September 1, 2001) | ISBN-13: 978-0743509374 | Language: English | mp3 | 5x49MB

In a world quickly becoming more virtual, human relations skills are being lost -- along with the skill of leadership. When you develop your leadership ability through The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course you'll learn to be flexible, adaptable, and trustworthy, as well as a tough and decisive distributor of power. Learn all the secrets of leadership mastery:

* Gain the respect and admiration of others using little-known secrets of America's most successful leaders.
* Get family, friends, and coworkers to do what you ask because they want to do it, not because they have to.
* Respond effectively when under crisis using proven techniques for thinking clearly and reducing anxiety under pressure.
* Accomplish twice as much by learning to motivate others to perform at their best.
* Make powerful decisions and follow through on them using Carnegie's action formula.

A valuable tool that stands next to the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course offers a proven formula for success.

About the Author:
Perhaps more than any other person who ever lived, Dale Carnegie changed the human relations movement. His world-famous course has influenced millions of people. Looking back on his life, Carnegie saw that worry and fear were the forces that held him back. Conquering worry and fear gave him a new hold on life. He developed the Dale Carnegie Course as a forum for overcoming worry and fear and developing human relations and leadership skills.

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