Natalie Dessay - Italian Opera Arias

Natalie Dessay - Italian Opera Arias
2007 | Classical | EAC, Monkey's Audio v3.99 APE | CUE, NO log | 1CD, HQ Cover | 238 MB | TT: 73:22

Dessay acts vividly with the voice, compensating for a narrow spectrum of colour through phrasing, dynamic shading and timing. While Sills, especially, brought more fever to Lucia di Lammermoor 's celebrated "Mad Scene", Dessay's trancelike delicacy, in tandem with a ghostly glass harmonica (a flute is often used instead) is profoundly touching.

She beautifully suggests Violetta's youth and fragility in "Ah! fors' è lui", and evokes a reckless gaiety (triplets and trills dazzlingly precise) in the following cabaletta. Roberto Alagna's cameo appearance as Alfredo is the ultimate in luxury casting.

Elsewhere Dessay catches the Bellinian morbidezza of Juliet's despairing scena from I Capuleti e I Montecchi, and the innocence of Gilda's "Caro nome", sung with tenderly softened tone. Her Maria Stuarda, too, is movingly characterised, whether in the sudden surge of joy of "O nube!" or the pathos of the aria.

1. E strano!... Ah, fors'è lui...
2. Follie! Follie... Sempre libera
3. O rendetemi la speme
4. Qui la voce sua soave
5. Vien diletto
6. Allenta il piè, Regina
7. Oh nube che lieve
8. Nella pace del mesto riposo
9. Gualtier Maldé... Caro nome
10. Eccomi in lieta vesta
11. Oh! quante volte
12. Eccola... Il dolce suono
13. Ardon gli incensi
14. S'avanza Enrico
15. Spargi d'amaro pianto

Natalie Dessay - Concerto Koln - Evelino Pido

2007 Virgin Classics

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