Viet Nam que huong toi - Thanh Tam

Việt Nam quê hương tôi: Độc tấu đàn bầu - Thanh Tâm
Vietnam, my homeland - Thanh Tam
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Dan Bau is the most unique musical instrument in the world. Dan Bau has only 1 string. Yes! You read it right! It has only one string but can deliver wonderful, captivating sound for any notes you like in a tonal range up to 3 octaves.

A Dan Bau has 5 components:

1. A sound box trapezium shape around 110cm long. The larger end is 12cm wide, 10cm high while the smaller end is around 8cm high and 7cm wide.
2. A spout made of bamboo or buffalo horn acts as a super whammy bar
3. A gourd, traditional used to assist the sound box to amplify the sound (now only used as decorative in modern Dan Bau, especially now that most modern Dan Bau has built-in magnetic pick-up similar to electric guitar)
4. One string (metal string from .30mm to .40mm)
5. Tuning peg (or geared tuning machine similar to Western guitar or bass)

The player plucks the string with the right hand while removing the lower side of the same hand from one of the 7 harmonic note locations on the string and simultaneously control the pitch of the sound with the left hand by moving the sprout (acting similar to a super whammy bar) creating less or more tension on the string. The left hand also produce the various ornament to the sound (vibratos, glissandos, etc.). The result is a harmonic sound, full, rich of overtones and ornaments which is unique to Dan Bau and cannot be duplicated by any other musical instruments in the world.

For most people, Dan Bau is an exotic instrument and the sounds it generated has incredible attraction to the listeners.

Due to its distinct sound, Dan Bau has been very popular in traditional music in Vietnam. For modern music, Dan Bau is frequently used as a solo instrument, song accompaniment, and as the lead instrument in a modern band (sharing the same spot light as lead guitar, saxophone, etc.).

Dan Bau is usually decorated with beautiful seven-color mother-of-pearl and are frequently used as decorative by the non-musicians.


01: Việt Nam quê hương tôi
02: Người ở đừng về
03: Mưa trên phố Huế
04: Lý chiều chiều
05: Lòng mẹ
06: Lý ngựa ô
07: Giọt mưa thu
08: Cây trúc xinh
09: Đêm đông
10: Đi cấy
11: Lên ngàn
12: Giận mà thương
13: Dáng đứng Bến Tre
14: Lý tứ đại
15: Con thuyền không bến
16: Lý thương nhau
17: Suối mơ
18: Se chỉ luồn kim

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