Trio Rouge: Galeazzi/Courtois/Godard

Trio Rouge: Galeazzi/Courtois/Godard
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Galeazzi, indeed, has one of those voices that instantly grabs the listener - rich, intense and filled with emotion, but never straying from a breathtaking precision that shines of musicality. And like all great musicians, she employs her talents with the utmost versatility. Passion and defiance seep through every note of songs like ‘Voglio Una Casa’, whilst sensitivity and tenderness characterise ‘Per Vita Bella’. The most impressive tune of the collection is the short but absorbing ‘Stornelli A Saltrarello’. Accompanied only by steady clapping, Galeazzi’s expressive vocals glide with ease through the rhythmical mesh of this beautiful traditional melody. The rapid blast of notes at the end has to be heard to be believed...


01. Bella Ciao
02. Voglio una casa
03. Per vita bella
04. Ah, vita bella
05. La Luze de oro
06. C'era una volta
07. Una serenata
08. Stornelli a saltarello
09. Per la Ninna Nanna
10. La Muntagnella
11. La tarantelle translucida
12. Per gorizia
13. Gorizia (canzone tradizionale della 1° guerra mondiale)
14. Rosso

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